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About our Team

We are a relatively small team of Thais and Swedes who all live on Koh Samui island, situated in the Gulf of Thailand. We are working in the glow of our computer screens while tourists outside enjoying the sun, but on the contrary, we love our work!

We have been doing web guides about Thailand and Asia since 1999 and our ambitious aim is to offer the most accurate websites about traveling in Thailand and Asia as possible.

We see the work as a dynamic process in which we will never get finished, but constantly tries to make the pages better and more user friendly for our visitors.

Hotel and Tour Booking

We are focused on providing accommodation in Bangkok and Thailand at very reasonable prices. We also provide tours in several locations in the country. We work exclusively with recognized and licensed tour operators.

Any bookings and payments made on are encrypted and therefore secure for you. Your security is our top priority!

We would like to thank you for your visit!

Thailand is always our passion

More About Us

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About - This is a travel guide to the Thai capital, including accommodation. It is developed by Yenit Company Limited in 2004-2013.

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